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    Welcome to the Cerberus Traing Group Facility

    2021 Training Class Schedule


    25-26 Skill Builder


    9 Skill Builder - Pistol

    10 Skill Builder - Rifle

    16 Concealed Carry Class Utah/Oregon

    22-23 - Low Light


    Due to the availability and cost of ammunition, we at Cerberus Training Group have reorganized our training curriculum and required round counts for our courses. We are offering 9mm at a cost of 46 cents a round, and 223/5.56 at 55 cents a round to our students.


    Due to the possible long term residual effects of their use, from not only the decibel level, but also from the concussion which can lead to possible damage of the inner ear containing an organ which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations, we are no longer allowing them on the range.

    If your brake has the same output as a standard A2, you will be allowed to use it. If not, please exchange or remove your brake prior to arriving at our facility, I have standard flash hiders to use at no cost to you. Contact me ahead of time.

    By offering relevant firearms training, all students will leave our facility with the peace of mind that the knowledge gained can be used with confidence.

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