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  • Revolver Operation - September 14

    Revolver Operation - September 14

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    This course covers all aspects of the operation of the double-action revolver.

    From Operation – Maintenance – Function – Troubleshoot – Checks and efficiency of the platform. From a first time revolver owner to a seasoned shooter, this course will keep everyone involved and focused.

    This course will thoroughly cover -

    Operation – Maintenance – Function – Troubleshoot – Checks



    Grip – Per frame size

    Trigger – Finger placement – Actuation Double vs Single – Actuate to cylinder lock – Follow Through

    Sight use

    Ammunition – Checks

    Load – Reload variations

    Malfunctions - Clearing

    Running Snubs from various positions - Appendix, pocket etc.

    • Ballistic testing on vehicles
    • 2 stage competition at the end of the day for Cerberus Swag and High Desert Cartridge ammo.


    Required equipment

    • A Double-Action Revolver at least 4" barrel length
    • Any caliber snub revolver - less than 3" barrel
    • A minimum of 4 Speed Loaders, and 2 Speed Strips
    • Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the firearm in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions.
    • Hearing Protection, electronic is preferred.
    • Eye protection
    • A cleaning kit and tools that are compatible with your revolver

    If you would like to shoot - 300 rounds. Bring more, shoot more.

    Class starts at 0900