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  • August 3

    August 3

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    Want to get your kid or kids firearms experience, but don’t know where to start?

    Maybe you don’t have the equipment suited for a youth shooter…

    This 1 day (approx. 4hrs) Introduction to Firearms Youth Only Class is specifically designed for youth ages 10-17 who are new to firearms.

    It is also great for youth who have never been around guns, but have never had formal training.

    We will instill firearm safety, fundamentals, and proper use of the sights and trigger. Students will obtain experience shooting pistol and rifle starting with air-soft or blue gun, and working towards live fire. Equipment and ammunition will be provided, and is included in the cost of the class.

    Our goal is to educate the students about firearms, to ensure responsible firearm use and ownership.


    Parents presence on the range is required. Please bring a chair and shade tent if desired, and watch the show.

    Class curriculum;

    • Safety brief and Medical plan
    • Firearm and Range safety
    • Effective shooting stance
    • Proper weapon grip
    • Using iron, magnified, and/or electronic optics – Pistol and Rifle
    • Trigger control
    • Manipulation of your firearm platform
    • Loading – Reloading
    • Live Fire – All live fire will be conducted one-on-one with an instructor
    • Recoil control
    • …and more

    Class is capped at 10 students

    Cost – 150.00 per student