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    Mike P.


    I went thru the Cerberus "Run the Gun" rifle training class with Steve and crew. Saying that, for the money you will not find another training class that will teach you more about running an AR15 rifle. The knowledge/written material/and experiences that were passed on from instructors to students really separated this training group from many other classes that charge much more. I was very happy with what I learned from the 2 day class, and will be scheduling a few more classes this summer to further my shooting skills. In closing I would not hesitate to recommend the Cererbus Group for your rifle/pistol training as I guarantee they will make you a better, more responsible shooter. 

    I had the privelage of going through a custom formulated class for a our shooting group focusing on the AR-15 platform by the owner of Cerbesus Training Group. I have been shooting since i was a kid and have family previously in the LE and the Military providing for some good experiences to sit in on various kinds of training. In addition to that Ive watched tons of training on PDN and online to pick up what i can. Over the years I have done alot of different kind of shooting from USPSA, falling plate match’s and eventually having been a Range Officer at two different ranges shooting weekly. At the end of the day I have not seen a better presented more well rounded training program as a whole. Starting with the basics, they help correct bad habbits, build on your foundation and have no problem cutting out the mis-taught nonsense even some of the other big names get caught up in. Most important to me, Steve and his staff have serious and extensive real life experience using the skills and techniques that they are now teaching. (Not to mention Steve's extensive knowledge on bullet ballistics.) The training, staff and atmosphere is top notch and unfortunately for other training programs out there the quality and prices with Cerbesus Training Group can’t be beat. Look forward to coming back soon and truly appreciate what they are offering at the price they are offering it.

    -Shane From the NW


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