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    We are a well-rounded group of instructors with extensive Law Enforcement, Military, and Medical backgrounds, that offer a commitment to the student and their training needs.

    Our experience driven curriculum provides unique skill sets that are useful well past the range. You get the same instruction as LE/Military  nothing is watered down. With a student-to-instructor ratio of 5:1, instructors are consistently engaged with the students throughout the training experience, helping them build for future success.

    We offer date-selected classes, however we welcome custom group sessions so groups can train together, allowing us to tailor fit to your group's needs at no extra charge – we are student driven.


    Steve Shields – Owner/Operator

    With 27 years of Law Enforcement, 25 years of LE Firearms Instruction for various agencies, teaching at the Washington State LE Academy, instructing and certifying other LE instructors, and armorer certified with many manufacturers, I have been blessed to be trained by some of the best in the industry.

    We don’t have any fancy names for what we do here. We instruct with urgency and conviction based on our actual experience. We have learned what works and in some unfortunate cases what has failed from the knowledge gained in actual street, rural and military confrontations.


    Troy Rockelman – Firearms and Team/Group Instructor

    Specializing in instruction for Advanced Firearms, CQB Tactics, and Team Combat Tactics. His background spanning over 20 years stems from Military, Law Enforcement, Fugitive Recovery and Executive Protection fields. Troy shares his knowledge and experience in a positive learning environment, that you’ll find easily retained and relevant to your training regimen.

    Mark Bryan – Medical Instructor

    With over 40 years of Paramedical experience, instructing, and administering emergency services. along with 14 years experience as a TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Support, in laymen's terms, SWAT Medic , Mark has the knowledge to train you in the areas of not only combat triage, but basic and advanced first-aid, first responder and EMT courses as well. He has a 21 year background as being a Reserve Deputy with the local Sheriff’s Office, 12 years of that on the SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) unit.

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