September 13-15

September 13-15

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This is an intense 3 day class that takes you up to weapon transitions, moving, positional platforms, angled target acquisitions, and working with partners and groups.

Days 1 & 2 concentrate on transitions, both weapon and hand/shoulder. Shooting around obstacles, moving, multi-position platforms, and distance engagements. Day 3 is all about working in pairs and larger groups. Pair and team movement while encountering obstacles which require a variety of positional platforms, multiple targets and engagement follow through.

This class is imperative that you not only know your chosen rifle and pistol, but you know how to run it efficiently. We will focus on street useful training and drills that will require a higher standard of accuracy, handling and physical ability. This course will not only improve your physical skills, but your mental learning skills as well. The student will have the opportunity to work the skills and drills many times to achieve a solid foundation, as this class will push you to succeed and learn what you need through experience.

We do not believe in advanced firearm / shooting skills, we believe there are skills not yet learned.

Suggested Ammunition - 1,500 Rounds Rifle / 1,500 Rounds Pistol  Class starts at 0900 and runs for 8-10 hrs per day