May 17th Pistol

May 17th Pistol

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New to firearms, or want to increase your efficiency skill?

This 1 day Handgun Foundation class is for those who are new to firearms. It's also great for the casual yet competent shooter who wants to tune their skills. We ensure your training will increase your skill set, no matter your level.

We will review firearm safety, fundamentals, and proper use of the sights and trigger. We will work on loading and unloading, presentation to the target from the holster, ready positions and clearing malfunctions, all with skill sets and drills to improve overall efficient operation. This class is a great way to get ready for Run the Gun Handgun class.  

This class will thoroughly cover;

  • Safety brief & Medical plan
  • Firearm and Range Safety
  • Effective shooting stance
  • Proper weapon grip
  • Recoil control
  • Using iron sights, magnified and or electronic optics - Pistol
  • Proper zero and confirmation.
  • Trigger control
  • Manipulation of your firearm platform
  • Loading - Reloading sequence
  • Malfunctions of the Pistol
  • Sling/Holster use
  • and more…

If you would like to shoot, bring - 500 Rounds   

Class starts at 0900