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  • June 24 - Bellatrix - Level 1 Pistol

    June 24 - Bellatrix - Level 1 Pistol

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    This 5 hour course is all about the fundamentals of handgun and is taught from the holster. Beginners as well as more experienced gun owners can enjoy the unhurried pace of this course that allows everyone to progress smoothly and absorb the curriculum. Stance, grip, sight alignment + sight picture, trigger press & follow through. Students must have a semiautomatic handgun, a kydex holster that is either inside the waistband or outside the waistband. (No fabric, generic or leather holsters) Must have 2-3 magazines for the pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition for their specific handgun. The basics of drawing from the holster are taught as well, though many drills are done from the 'work space'. We begin with plenty of dry fire with empty pistols, then move into slow cadence drills and end with defensive drills utilizing recoil management. PACE if the course is subject to change depending on the level of students and how they perform, each class is customized to the group. 

    Level 1 Pistol - 225.00