July 27 & 28 - Pistol/Rifle Combo - Hosted by Adventure Protection - Cascade Shooting Facilities - Ravensdale, WA. SOLD OUT

July 27 & 28 - Pistol/Rifle Combo - Hosted by Adventure Protection - Cascade Shooting Facilities - Ravensdale, WA. SOLD OUT

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We are excited to host a new course designed to help you and your loved ones survive a stressful self-defense situation.

Developed and delivered by Steve Shields of Cerberus Training, the Run the Gun™ course is designed to catapult your firearm handling skills from competent to excellent and beyond.

This course will make all the complications of firearm manipulation automatically fade into the background, ensuring you can focus on the developing self-defense situation around you.

The course will be held on July 27 & 28 at the Cascade Outdoor Range in Ravensdale, WA. It is co-ed and open to all competent shooters. This course covers both pistol and rifle.

If you want to join us for the course, you need to let us know ASAP. The course enrollment is very limited to ensure you receive hands-on instruction.

What You’ll Gain

When you take the Run the Gun course you will:

  • Dramatically increase the chances of successfully defending yourself and your loved ones from attackers
  • Develop confidence in your ability to perform at peak levels in high-stress, self-defense situations
  • Ensure firearm manipulation becomes second nature so you can focus on defending yourself rather than fighting the gun.

Course Overview

Bombing down I-5 at 70 mph in heavy traffic is not the time to be learning how to check blind spots, signal lane changes, or estimate stopping distance.

Similarly, stressful self-defense situations are not the time to learn how to load magazines, clear a malfunction, or estimate hold over so you don’t miss the shot.

This course is designed to make pistol and rifle manipulation 2nd nature, practicing them until they are natural and seemingly unconscious actions.

During his law enforcement tenure, Steve witnessed countless examples of police officers fumbling things under stress, potentially jeopardizing their lives: officers repeatedly attempting to insert the magazine backward, or holstering a pistol with the slide locked back and walking around a dangerous crime scene for 12 minutes before all suspects were in custody. He discovered how training had failed these officers, and he corrected it to equip them better to handle extremely stressful and dangerous situations—and save their lives. This course is a culmination of those hundreds of training improvements. Steve teaches the practical, efficient, “save your life” methods that he’s developed and taught SWAT, law enforcement, and civilians.

The Run the Gun course has two components: pistol and rifle. Each component is typically a two-day course, for a total of four days. For us, he’s compressed the instruction into 1 action-packed day for pistol and one day for rifle. You can sign up for one day or both days. Trust us—you’ll want both days!

What You’ll Learn

After taking this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Balance speed vs. accuracy: know when to speed up and when to slow down
  • Manage recoil and get back on target faster
  • Clear malfunctions and load/reload more efficiently and rapidly than you thought possible
  • Identify and handle multiple incoming threats
  • Get on target accurately and RAPIDLY, adjusting for varying distances in the heat of the situation

You’ll know you can focus on a high-stress situation because you’ll have an absolute familiarity with your firearm as an extension of your arm. And you’ll clearly understand the skills you need to continue to practice to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Who Should Come?

This course is co-ed and open to competent to even advanced shooters. As instructors, we consider ourselves very competent edging towards advanced, and it was an intense two days of learning that dramatically improved our skills. It is not for new shooters.


Payment is due at time of registration. Our facilities and instructors are pre-paid, so we cannot allow rescheduling or refunds. Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a waiver and attest that you are eligible to handle firearms (i.e., no felonies).


We’re opening the course in April. Enrollment will be very limited because it is so hands-on. We expect it to sell out very quickly.

Date: July 27 & 28
Location: Cascade Shooting Facilities in Ravensdale, WA

Course Logistics

The course runs from 8:00 am to at least 5 pm each day, regardless of the weather. We’ll take ~1/2 hour lunch and working water/snack breaks.

What to Bring

Please bring the following:

  • For pistol, you’ll need a semi-automatic self-defense pistol + 500 rounds of ammunition, and a good holster (outside the waistband preferred)
  • For rifle, you’ll need a semi-automatic rifle (i.e., AR-15) + 500 rounds of ammunition and a rifle sling. 
    • Discounted ammunition can be purchased from the instructor if arranged in advance.
    • Note: We won’t be using muzzle brakes–change to a flash hider beforehand or borrow one from the instructor.
  • Ear & eye protection (amplified electronic ear protection encouraged)
  • Lunch
  • Water
  • Sunscreen(!)
  • Baseball cap

Steve Shields: The Best Instructor We’ve Found

Steve Shields is the best firearms instructor with whom we’ve ever had the pleasure of working. He has trained some of our instructors, and we will be sitting at the feet of the master for additional training later this year as we upskill ourselves.

He’s famous for his NO BS foundation of efficient, practical, street-tested, “save your life” training. He’s trained more than 1000 law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, and civilians during his 28 years in law enforcement and 25+ years in LE instruction. He helped upgrade and enhance the training curriculum in both the Police Academy and post Academy firearms instructor training. Now he’s training all of us civilians.

He stresses efficiency and practicality in every move. He believes that you should always train as you fight, and train for the real world beyond the drills. He eschews gimmicky gear and gadgets, instead focusing on using the gear available when you’re the least prepareddrilling hard on the skills it takes to stay focused on the threat without being distracted by the platform. You can read more about Steve on his website: https://cerberus-training.com/pages/about-us