January 25 & 26 1911 Armorer / Operator

January 25 & 26 1911 Armorer / Operator

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This two day class is a mixture of intensive classroom instruction and hands-on operation that will gain proficiency in the following areas: Cleaning, maintain, gauging, repair, build, and/or modify the 1911 platform. We will go over disassembly, reassembly, identification of mechanical deficiencies and corrective actions, so you will walk away knowing your 1911 is reliable.

Topics covered;

+ Operation and function
+ Nomenclature
+ Design
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks
+ Disassembly & Assembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Maintenance and lubrication
+ Gauging and checking critical areas
+ Modification / Customization
+ 1911 Build Tools and Gauge Use
+ Compatibility
+ Troubleshooting and Tuning
+ Theory
+ 1911 Parts Comparison
+ Cleaning and Lubrication and Scheduled Maintenance
+ Magazine Inspection
+ Testing and Selecting the correct Action Spring
+ Frame and Barrel Feed Ramps
+ Barrel Timing and Testing
+ Extractor Upgrades
+ Diagnosing Malfunctions


The second half of Day 2 will be on the range checking proper operation, manipulation and an abbreviated Run the Gun class, which is made to instill the fundamentals of efficiency in running the 1911 platform.