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  • CQB - 101 - July 15

    CQB - 101 - July 15

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    CQB 101

    This one-day class will introduce you into the world of CQB – Close Quarters Battle.

    This highly detailed course will start with the principles, and work through application.

    How to move through buildings with single and 2 person team. Work around architecture and obstacles, weapon manipulation both pistol and rifle, footwork, search, threat processing…the important basics necessary that need to be honed.



    • Safety brief & Medical plan
    • CQB Principles - Building Search
    • Application
    • Assessing threshold and room entry
    • 1 and 2 person team
    • Weapon manipulation – Pistol and Rifle
    • Clearing rooms, halls and odd areas
    • Threat processing
    • Movement techniques
    • Gear considerations
    • Footwork
    • and more…



    • A functional and practical carbine or battle rifle and pistol.
    • A sling for the rifle
    • Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the firearm in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions.
    • Eye protection.
    • IFAK with Tourniquet required
    • Optional.- Any gear generally worn for such scenarios…chest/thigh rigs, plate carrier etc.

    Class starts at 0900