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  • S.A.T.

     Skill – Action – Technique 

    We take the fundamentals and apply them to an operational environment.

    This is an intense 3 day class that takes you up a notch to efficient weapon transitions, moving, positional platforms, shooting around obstacles at varied heights and angles, and working with partners and groups, using both pistol and rifle platforms.

    Day 1 and 2 concentrate on transitions, both weapon and hand/shoulder, shooting around obstacles, moving, multi-position platforms, distance engagements, along with an optional low/no light weapon use. The 3rd day will concentrate on working in pairs and groups as a cohesive team, and engaging threats while working in close proximity with team members.

    In this class, it is imperative that you not only know your chosen rifle and pistol, but you know how to run them efficiently, as we will not be working on manipulation drills. We will focus on street-useful training and drills that will require a higher standard of accuracy, handling, processing and much more physical ability.

    This course will not only improve your physical skills, but your mental learning skills as well. The student will have the opportunity to work the skills and drills many times in order to achieve a solid foundation. This class will push you to succeed and learn what you need through experiential learning.

    We do not believe in advanced firearm/shooting skills, just skills not yet learned.

    Days 1 and 2 will cover;

    • Safety brief & Medical plan
    • Overall evaluation of Pistol and Rifle handling
    • Effective shooting stances and platforms
    • Transitions - Primary to Secondary - Shoulder and Hand
    • Moving
    • Shooting around obstacles
    • Proper zero and confirmation.
    • Trigger control
    • Weapon control
    • Sling use
    • and more…

    Day 3 will cover;

    • Safety brief & Medical plan
    • Basics of fire in pairs and teams
    • Effective movement
    • Weapon handling and positions in close proximity of team members
    • Recoil control in multiple platforms
    • Using cover and concealment
    • Communication
    • Micro terrain
    • Pair and Team movement
    • Effective moving and shooting
    • and more…

    Prerequisite for this class is a one day Skill Builder for both Pistol and Rifle, or equivalent, as there is a higher expectation of both weapon and physical ability. Contact me direct to register.

    If you would like to shoot, bring - 1,000 Rounds Rifle / 750 Rounds Pistol  

    Required Equipment:

    • Handgun with at least 5 magazines (8 if single stack) and magazine pouch.
    • Rifle with at least 10 30 round magazines and magazine pouch.
    • Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the firearm in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions.
    • Sling for Rifle
    • CAT or SOF T TQ on your person is mandatory an IFAK is recommended.
    • Cleaning kit and gun lube.
    • Eye protection and electronic ear protection.
    • Long sleeve shirt, gloves, knee pads are mandatory. Elbow pads are optional.
    • Normal CCW or Full duty belt / tactical loadout.
    • Notepad, pen and permanent marker.
    • Water and snacks.

    Class starts at 0900


    Muzzle Brakes : Due to the possible long term residual effects of their use, from not only the decibel level, but also from the concussion which can lead to possible damage of the inner ear containing an organ which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations, we are no longer allowing them on the range.

    If your brake has the same output as a standard A2, you will be allowed to use it. If not, please exchange or remove your brake prior to arriving at our facility, I have standard flash hiders to use at no cost to you. Contact me ahead of time.

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