When it comes to light...One is None, Two is One, Three is better.
This course focuses on complete and ambient darkness environment manipulation. Students will learn past “traditional” low light and no light engagements, and have an in-depth look into weapon, both pistol and rifle and equipment manipulations, human anatomy, principles of light employment and movement using both weapon mounted and hand-held lights. You'll learn about ID, searching, navigation, control and communication.
Low light myths will be researched, demonstrated, and discussed throughout the class to insure that each student has a clear understanding of the principles of light uses. Bring any and all lights you have, as we will be going through the features of different lights, and how they can make or break a low/no light situation.
Range portion will again explore theories vs reality with data of actual low/no light incidents, with plenty of skill drill training with 3D targets to understand the difference.
We will look at the way people perceive low light situations and handle an engagement during low light conditions. This course is not a primary shooting course, although we will be testing the points learned while shooting on the range. This is a problem-solving course.


Required Ammunition - 300 Rounds Pistol and 300 Rifle

Class starts at 1500hrs (3pm) and runs for 8-9 hours.

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